The Covid-19 outbreak is cruel, though Style Arts is filled with love.

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                  In the beginning of Chinese New Year,

                  we experienced a memorable “war” against the pandemic.

                  In the current pandemic situation,

                  Style Arts is fighting with you!

                  As the special occasion International Women’s Day arrived, 

                  our company isolated from the virus, but not the love for our employees.

                  We have specially prepared love packages for our female employees,

                  and sent the most sincere blessings and appreciation to our “goddesses”!




                    “Goddesses” gift (flowers and chocolates)


                  The morning of March 7th, 

                  Style Arts’s manager is sending out the special gift for our “goddesses”.

                  As all the female employees receive their special gift, their faces are filled with joy.

                  The whole company is filled with laughters and joy.








                  The surprises keeps coming

                   therefore to provide a fun relaxing working environment,

                  Styles Arts created a special game known as “guess the number to win a red envelope.

                  The game is done under the strict no-gathering rule and it is open to all employees,

                   Everyone deeply feels the warmth and love in our Style Arts family.






                   Style Arts

                  15 years of development, transformation, and growth -

                  this is all inseparable from the hard work of all our female employees!

                  We are looking forward to a better tomorrow for our “goddesses” and a stronger Style Arts.