K11 Shopping & Art Center Guangzhou-Banyan Theme Art Project

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                  Recently, the world's fourth K11 shopping & Art Center officially opened in Guangzhou. The first tallest building in Guangzhou - Guangzhou East Tower where K11 is located. However K11 is in the core business circle of the Zhujiang New Town. It is surrounded by many multinational corporations, top 500 enterprises in the world, foreign consulates and other enterprises, as well as cultural landmarks such as Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Museums and Guangzhou library. K11 located in a diverse cultural business environment.
                  Adhering to art, treasure talented people, respect people, care for people, nature brand concept and the "art + business" museum style retail model
                  DNA Own art DNA
                  K11 opened up 800 square meters of art space in the mall
                  Art installations by famous artists at home and abroad
                  Patchwork placed on all floors of the mall
                  Make art at your fingertips
                  Style Arts participated in the “Design Development Phase, Production Phase & Installation Phase” from the -2 to the 5th level art tree model. In view of our understanding of artistic style and the professionalism of the project, we have developed the design of the original art design, comprehensively considered the processing and installation, adopted a new process and new methods to ensure the processing quality and installation quality of the product, and the final project presented the effect and the professional level of our company are affirmed by the owners and other construction companies.
                  Walking into K11 Shopping & Art Center, you can see the "Banyan" concept art tree pass through 7 floors with LingNan characteristics. You would see the theme color - golden. The best interpretation of Humanities and arts is to inject local culture into the atmosphere of fashionable art.
                  The modelling tree is magnificent in the large atrium. Waves and stretching lines in the shape of trees support the visual effect of the whole atrium, which has a strong modern beauty.